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"Albanians are brave, rigidly honest and faithful..they are, perhaps, the most beautiful race, in point of countenance, in the world..." So wrote Lord Byron when he chronicled the journey that he took through the mountainous regions of Albania in 1809.

If you want a greater insight into Albania before you arrive, or need a little more convincing to book a Juicy Tour, have a read of the following recommendations.

Travel Guides

The usual suspects of travel guides are a bit light when it comes to Albania. The most comprehensive are:

  • Bradt’s “Albania” written by Gillian Gloyer
  • ILAR Publishing House’s "Albanian Travel Guide" written by Agim Neza
  • Thomas Cook's "Albania"

At a small cost, you can download the digital chapter on Albania from Lonely Planet.

In Your Pocket also has detailed guides on a few of Albania’s cities that can be downloaded for free.


There are heaps and heaps of websites about the tourism in Albania as well as dedicated to detailed topics such as culture.

You can’t go past a wiki for a country brief – See and

A New Mediterranean love – The Albanian’s government official tourism promotion site.

A very informative tourism site in respect to a traveller’s guide but also on destinations.

Balkanology is a website about travel in the Balkan Peninsula.

An American-Albanian has built his own website to make it easier for travelers to find out about Albania.



Here are some travel pieces that are enough to entice anyone to make a visit to Albania: 

10 Reasons 2013 is the time to visit Albania

On the Albanian Riviera, a frugal paradise

Riviera at beachbum prices

2009's backpacking secret is...Albania

Europe's final frontier

The beaches that time forgot

Albania: A Balkan country sheds its secret past

Frugal Traveler: In Albania, a capital full of contradictions


Blogs give completely different perspectives and often honest accounts of one person’s experience in Albania. Check out those of some expats:

From a Juicy Tours crew member - Shepherd Wants a Wife

A Nevada Yankee in King Zog's Court

Albanian Blogger

Our Man in Tirana

Across the Lana

Albanian literature

Albania's most well known writers are Ismail Kadare, Dritero Agolli and Fatos Kongoli – their highly regarded books and poems are too numerous to list here.


And for those too lazy to read, you can get a quick hit with these videos.

 Dear Albania by Eliza Dushku (of Bring it On and Dollhouse fame) - documentary trailer

Forgiveness of Blood - film synopis

Besa: The Promise - documentary trailer

Top Gear episode

A New Mediterranean Love commercials

Feel the Passion - Albania's 2011 Eurovision Entry

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